Art Centre

Situated on the 2nd floor of the Grammar School building, beside the Town Hall in the centre of the village,  the Frelighsburg Art Centre contributes to the cultural dynamics of the Eastern Townships. From mid-May to the end of October, it is a place for exhibitions and sales of works of art produced by artists from the region while welcoming artists from elsewhere.

Opening hours – 9am to 5pm except Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Artists and Artisans

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Sites of interest

The Frelighsburg Historic Society is local organization whose mission is to promote and preserve the historic integrity of the town. In recent years, the Society has identified heritage buildings in front of which permanent interpretive historic panels have been installed. Shown below are several documents of interested related to the history of Frelighsburg. Click on the first link below to view a printable map of the historical and heritage sites of Frelighsburg.

Tour-des-sites-historiques-du-village151.6 KiB
Quand-frelighsburg-est-tombe-dans-les-pommes339.5 KiB
Onze-cimetières-à-Frelighsburg10.9 MiB
Le-moulin-richard-freligh1.0 MiB
La-vie-municipale870.0 KiB
La-tournee-des-eglises-frontalieres1.1 MiB
La-societe-dhistoire-et-de-patrimoine-de-frelighsburg90.9 KiB
La-maison-rouge516.4 KiB
Eglise-st-francois-assise945.2 KiB
Ecole-st-francois-assise1.0 MiB
Cimetiere-st-francois-assise867.9 KiB